Screams of Laughter and Delight: The Absolute Best Comedies on Netflix in 2021


In a world where change and uncertainty are the only constants, people often turn to humour and comedy to lighten the spirit and uplift the mood. In a year of such global turmoil as 2021, Netflix came to the rescue with the ultimate antidote to despair – laughter. As such, we present the finest comedic productions of Netflix from the year 2021.

Dynamic Duos: Staged, Season 2

Kicking off our list is the quasi-reality British series "Staged.” Drenched in dry wit and relatable lockdown humour, Season 2 effectively cements the comedic talents of actors Michael Sheen and David Tennant, chronicling their misadventures in the context of a pandemic-ridden world.

Quirky Charm: The History Of Swear Words

An unexpected comedic breath of fresh air makes an appearance in Netflix’s “The History Of Swear Words.” Hosted by the brilliant Nicolas Cage, this production expertly weaves comedic charm and interesting linguistics lessons together to give you an engaging belly full of laughs each episode.

Feel-Good Fun: Emily In Paris

For those seeking light-hearted, feel-good fun, "Emily In Paris” won hearts and laughs in 2021. The delightful blend of Parisian fashion, picturesque city sights and Emily’s innocent charm set against her dramatic mishaps successfully injects a vibrant pulse of amusement into the audience’s routine Netflix binge.

Irresistible Action: The Kominsky Method

The Chuck Lorre-created series, “The Kominsky Method”, takes comedy to a whole new level with a well-crafted combination of action and humour. Alan Arkin’s superb delivery of dry humour coupled with Michael Douglas’s class act as a lovable grump, makes the show absolutely irresistible.

Comic Imperfections: The Upshaws

Everyone loves a good sitcom, and Netflix delivered with "The Upshaws." This comedy, steeped in the authentic and raw humour of everyday family life showcases, the imperfect, but endearing dynamics of the working-class African American Upshaw family. It resonates well with viewers, translating everyday situations into hearty laughs.

The 70s Revisited: That ’70s Show

A gem from the past returned to Netflix in 2021 in the form of "That ’70s Show". The depiction of teenage friendships, high school drama, and family relationships against a backdrop of 70’s American suburbia, retains its charm and continues to infuse mirth even in contemporary viewers.


Comedy plays a substantial role in lightening our spirits and making each day a bit more bearable. The comedies presented above are indeed the finest that Netflix brought to our screens in 2021. From clever, thought-provoking jokes to light-hearted, feel-good humour, these shows embraced a spectrum of comedic styles, delivering just what the doctor ordered – a healthy dose of laughter.

By revelling in the comedic comfort of these shows, we stepped out of the reality of our situations, if only for a little while, and immersed ourselves in a world fraught with laughs, smiles, and pure unfiltered joy.

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