Revel in Laughter: The Best Fringe Jokes of 2022


In the world of standup comedy, there is no event quite as revered as the Fringe. With every performance, established comedic geniuses and rising stars alike fill each venue with laughs. The festival is unpredictable and avant-garde, just like its jokes. This year, Fringe 2022, we witnessed a vast array of comedic styles, from punchy one-liners to intricate storytelling. Let’s dive in and explore the best Fringe jokes of 2022 that left us in splits.

1. The One-Liners That Tickled Your Funny Bone

Laughter, as the saying goes, is the best medicine, and the Fringe 2022 one-liners were the perfect prescription. Let’s enjoy a warm laugh and revisit the witty lines that had the audience rolling in the aisles.

2. Stories That Sparked Laughter

Humor in storytelling often comes in unexpected places, spun in tales that move us and make us laugh. The stories told by the Fringe comedians were the epitome of this blended art form, taking us on a rollercoaster ride of emotions and laughter. Here are some standouts.

3. The Witty Observational Comedy

Observational comedy is a special weapon in a comedian’s arsenal. This year, it was out in full force at Fringe 2022. The genuine, relatable humor drew the most hearty laughs from the crowd. We’ve put together a list of the best observational jokes that tickled our funny bones.

4. The Quirky Puns That Made Us Groan and Laugh

Puns are the bread and butter of any comedy show. Some may groan, but they markedly bridge high-brow ideas and bring them down to a humorous level. Fringe 2022 gifted us some remarkably clever plays on words that entertained and amused.

5. The Absurdist Humor that Redefined Comedy

Absurdist humor challenges norms and pushes the bounds of traditional comedic form. Fringe 2022 was particularly inventive, as performers took absurdism to new and exciting levels. Here are some standout examples.

6. The Ingenious Comedy Duos of Fringe 2022

Nothing can compare to the spark that flies when two funny minds unite on the stage. The comedy duos at Fringe 2022 were no exception, delivering stunning performances filled with perfectly-timed banter. Let’s take a look at some of their best jokes.

7. The Power of Improvisation

Improv comedy is an innate talent. It showcases a comedian’s quick wit and mental agility. Fringe 2022 welcomed some of the greatest improv comedians who surprised the audience with unexpected twists and witty comebacks.


The Fringe 2022 festival was a comedic extravaganza, filled to the brim with a variety of humor types. From witty one-liners to insightful observational comedy, the festival provided a bounty of laughs that delighted audiences. As we journeyed through the best jokes of Fringe 2022, we relived the hearty laughs and cheeky grins they evoked. Here’s to another year of comedic brilliance to look forward to with Fringe 2023 to promise even more laughter!

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